Say NO to Aging offers an unparalleled scientific understanding of why we age and get sick - and how we can attain a balanced life that preserves and restores our limited stash of life reserves.

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9 x 6, paper - 474 pp.
ISBN 978-935254-38-6
Say NO To Aging

How Nitric Oxide Prolongs Life

In Say NO to Aging, physicians T. Barry and Arlene B. Levine answer the urgent question: How can we slow and reverse aging's relentless advance?  Using stories and examples, the authors guide us through our bodies at the cellular level, showing how lifestyle choices affect the biochemistry of disease and aging.

Mitochondria, telomeres, longevity genes, adult stem cells, and cell protection mechanisms keep us healthy for many decades, but they are not infinitely renewable.  Say NO to Aging explains how the diseases of aging set in.

Say NO to Aging introduces readers to nitric oxide (NO) - a tiny, but immensely important molecule that replenishes our non-renewable life resources and rejuvenates the blood vessels, heart, metabolism, and the brain.

We can delay aging with easy, yet powerful, lifestyle changes.  Drs. Levine provide detailed recommendations on food choices, diets, exercise, and stress reduction practices.  They explain how these changes slow the aging process - and protect us against many chronic and lethal diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  The authors show how modern science has incorporated ancient wisdom that first posited an active life lived in harmony and moderation is the healthiest possible choice that says NO to aging.

"Say NO to Aging explains how, like an hourglass, the rate at which we consume our finite life and healing resources determines how long we live, and with what degree of health"